Referral System

CashCow has a unique referral reward system, where users can earn a significant percentage of what their referees earn.

The rules are as follows:

  • When your friends login via your exclusive invitation link or enter your unique invitation code when joining CashCow. The system will reward the inviter with an additional 15% of CCF coins based on the Referral Structure's Level of Referral commission above.

  • The commission given is based on:

    • The number of invitations is only calculated as the effective number, when the individual is an active user that participates in mining.

    • Invite 1-3 individuals and give out 25% of the reward

    • Invite 5-9 individuals and give out 50% of the reward

    • Invite more than 10 people (including 10 people), and give out 100% of the reward

    • IE. A invited BCDE and B invited FGHIJKL, Among them BC participates in mining, and FGHIJK participates in mining If, G mining income is 100. Then the income of B is: 100*10%*50%=5 A income is: 100*5%*25%=1.25

  • The number of friends you can invite is unlimited so don't wait now and start sharing this.

Referral guide

First, go to the partner tab and click on "Get my invitation address".

Next, enter your invitational code.

Now, simply copy the code or URL link and share that with others.

Successful referrals should now show up on the page.

Referee guide

For the person being referred, go to the partner tab and get your invitation address.

Enter the code and join, then confirm the transaction.

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