CashCow Project Introduction


1. Project introduction

CashCow Finance is an all-in-one DeFi platform designed to allow users to deposit, borrow, and earn on leverage without having to hop from platform to platform. Depositors provide liquidity and earn passive income, borrowers can borrow using collateral quickly and easily, and liquidity miners can mine on leverage to maximise earnings.

CashCow Finance operates on the Binance Smart Chain. Compared to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain is much faster with fees magnitudes lower. This is crucial in making sure our service is near instantaneous and the blockchain transaction fees are as close to zero as possible.

CashCow team members are composed of senior experts from the financial field and R&D personnel who have been intensively cultivated in the blockchain field for many years.

The project serves users with the greatest sincerity and is committed to creating a star project with good user experience, asset security, stable income, and user interests as the core.

CashCow will start with the lending model, and we plan to release liquidity mining and transaction fee mining modules step by step. We also plan to provide Blockchain Interoperability (Cross-blockchain). This would allow users to shift assets unhindered, thus creating a perfect investment environment.

2. Token introduction

CCF is CashCow platform's Token name. All users who take part in CashCow will receive some CCF tokens as rewards. CCF tokens will be operating on Binance Smart Chain's main page, adopting the BEP-20 protocol. CCF tokens are crucial for maintaining CashCow operating systems, it is also the only credential for users to participate in verification projects.

Once the platform is stable, we plan to open up DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) management model. Users will then be able to use CCF token to raise issues and to call for a vote to adjust interest rates and lending parameters or support more crypto coins etc.

Contract address: 0xF823f18d13DF1ffdCed206708D389Dd455Bb802b

3. Token distribution

The total amount of CCF is set to 100 million, all produced according to block time, without reservation and pre-mining. The release will begin at 15:00, May 20, 2021 (2021-05-20T15:00:00 + 08), Singapore time

  • 36% (36 million) are allocated to the loan mining market, each block generates 0.72 CCF and 20736 CCFs are generated every day

  • 30% (30 million) are allocated to the leveraged mining market, each block generates 0.6 CCF, and 17280 CCF is output per day

  • 8% (8 million) are allocated to the pledge mining market, each block generates 0.16 CCF, and 4608 CCF is output per day

  • 8% (8 million) are allocated to angel investors

  • 8% (8 million) are allocated to the development team

  • 2% (2 million) are allocated as operating funds, used for market expansion/brand building/community maintenance and other operational activities

  • The other 8% will be put into inviter rewards, rewarded to users who have contributed to the promotion of the platform

  • 70% of the platform revenue is put into the repurchase and destruction pool. When the market price is lower than the three-day average price, the smart contract will trigger the execution of the repurchase and destruction operation

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