Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining risks

Liquidity miners will not lose their LP tokens, however, there is a risk of impermanent loss. Read more about impermanent loss here.

Risk of impermanent loss is minimal in pools with only stablecoins.

Pancakeswap tutorial

Go to Pancakeswap and open the liquidity page, and select a currency.

In the search field, paste CCF's token address and import. CCF's token address is 0xF823f18d13DF1ffdCed206708D389Dd455Bb802b

Accept the prompt and confirm import

Now select a token to pair with.

In this example we will use USDT.

Click on supply.

Confirm supply and approve the transaction.

Now go to CashCow and open the mining tab, and select "Farm" on the CCF-USDT pair

Input the amount of LP tokens you wish to supply and authorize, then accept the transaction.

Now click on deposit and authorize the transaction.

Your supply will now be displayed on the page.

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